Dalada Maligawa Kandy

“Sacred temple of tooth relic” is a symbol of great history of Sinhalese monarchy which situated in the center of Kandy City covered by the guardian mountain hills. According to the literary sources sacred temple of tooth relic or mostly known “Sri Dalada Maligawa” in Kandy is the final destination of the “sacred tooth” of the lord Buddha which bought to Sri Lanka by prince “Dantha” & princess “Hemamala” from the Kingdom of Kalingu in India.

Sacred temple of the tooth relic is a most important pilgrimage for all the Buddhists from all over the world.  According to Mahaparinibbana – sutta (the Record of the Demise of the Buddha) Buddha himself declared the sanctioned to worship of corporeal remains of Buddha once he passed away. Today not only the Buddhists but also various religious people are coming all over the world to worship sacred temple of tooth relic due to its miracles and the ancient history which goes back to date 4th century of its arrival to Sri Lanka.

Historical record indicates the sacred tooth relic was received by King Vimaladharamsuriya – ¡ with great reverence and placed it in new three storied shrine built by him near to his Royal palace. But this was not continued in the same manner. History gave evidence for lot more difficulties which faced by several Kings to protect the Sacred tooth relic by different circumstances specially history highlights the colonial era which impacted a lot to Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The external intervention in local politics resulted incursion of Kandy by Dutch was the main reason to Sinhalese seeking aid from British.

 Sri Vikrama Rajasimha, (1797 – 1815) was the last king of  Sri Lanka who was a south Indian Nayakar ended his short ruling period with the occupation of island by the British in 1815.  During lot more difficulties Buddhist monks were able to safe guard the sacred tooth relic by taking away it to many safer locations. Robert brownrig, the British governor understood the value of sacred tooth relic for the natives and showed some enthusiasm to safeguard the Buddhist religious activities which connected with sacred tooth relic. Later on Britishers had realized the importance of tooth relic to Buddhist natives and did best to gratify to the worship of Sacred tooth relic. Also they seemed to have identified the value of the tooth relic as the palladium of kingship.  Still this continues with the rule of any executive president of Sri Lanka is the person who gets the responsibility of the Sacred Tooth relic. . Today sacred temple of tooth relic is a word heritage announced by UNESCO.