Temples Around Kandy

Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya  Temple is located at Pilimathalawa, Kandy. The temple of Gadaladeniya plays a key role in Sri lankan tourism. In order to reach the temple people have to come to Pilimathalawa town and travel for about 2 km. The famous Embekke Devalaya and Lanka Thilaka Viharaya also located close by. According to a inscription this temple was built by King Buwanekabahu IV in the year 1344. Ganesvarachari, a south Indian architect has been the chief architect of this temple.
There are many Buddhist monuments to see in this temple. They include small “Dagaba”, Half-Egged shaped structures, small hut like structures made from carved stone pillars (Vijayantha Prasada), Buddha statutes,  and also beautifully engraved arch called “Makara Thorana” which displays faces of many gods Sri Lankan worship. Another significance of this temple is that it is built on a Rock,

Hindagala Temple

Drive pass few kilometers off the Galaha Junction and through the picturesque Peradeniya University, you will find one of the significant temples in Sri Lankan history called, Hindagala Temple. This is very famous for its folktales and amazing wall paintings. Built under a natural large rock, Hindagala temple is a testimonial to Sri Lankan ancestors’ skills and craftsmanship, also their technological know-how. Kataram, for instance, can be seen in the roof of the rock which has been carved in order to stop rain water from dripping down to the main halls of the temple. Temple also provides beautiful scenery when visitors climbed the hill just above the temple.


Degaldoruwa Temple

Degaldoruwa Temple was built during the Kandyan Kingdom. It is situated near the Lewalla Bridge. According to ancient rock instcription, this temple has been built by King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe. This is also a very famous temple for its beautiful wall paintings which depicts the Lord Buddha’s lifeline and many other folktales. One of the significant aspects of this temple other than the arts is the 27feet high Lord Buddha statute which speaks about the value Buddhism placed on the Kandyan dynasty.


Embekka Devalaya and Temple

Famous for its woodcarvings and absence of metals in its structures, Embekke Devalaya is situated closely to Gadaladeniya Temple. The columns, pillar and doors are decorated with wood carving. The roof has its own unique design again made by wood. Carvings include many symbols which have been part of Sri Lankan culture for generations. Among them are, flowers, swans, dancers and soldiers.


Lankathilaka Temple

This 14th Century temple is built on a rock mountain called Panhalgala in Upper Kandy and is 12 Km from Peradeniya bridge. The temple is different from other traditional designs of Kandyan Temples and the surrounding area of the temple provides a beautiful panoramic view of hills, paddy fields and much diverse vegetation around it.
Inside the temple is filled with Buddha statutes and statutes of Gods surrounded by beautifully decorated and painted walls, especially of 24 previous Buddha before Gautam Buddha. Temple also houses a drum hall which is used by traditional drummers to offer “pooja” of sound, which include instruments such as “Hewisi”, at traditional “Hewisi Pooja” ceremonies. Temple is not to be missed for its architectural value.