Dambulla Cave Temple

The cave-temples at Dambulla are a veritable storehouse of fine Sinhala art and showcase some of the most stunning murals on the island. Five dimly-lit caves moulded out of one huge rocky overhang at the top of a steep 160m granite outcrop are home to an enviable collection of breathtaking statues, carvings, stupas and paintings jam-packed into almost every bit of space. Exquisite story-telling murals radiating red and gold hues from walls and ceilings illustrate magnificent battle scenes and the Buddha’s own fight against temptation on his path to enlightenment.

Start 8.30am Proceed to Dambulla

Visit Dambulla Cave Temple & Golden Temple
After lunch back to Kandy
Spice Garden
On the way visit Mathale Alu Viharaya

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