Polannaruwa city tour

Polonnaruwa was the 2nd capital of sri lanka when Anuradhapura was the main city of sri lanka, plonnaruwa was develop by the king s as it had an atmosphere which was suitable for paddy cultivation under these Agricultural purposes’ certain kings made certain lakes at polonnaruwa .king wasaba 67-111 AD made the lake Elahra,king Datusena 274-301 made minnarya, and kuddulla lakes king upatissa the 1st AD 365- 406 made Thopawewa, king Agaboddhi 2nd made Gerithale lake further polonnarwa was located in very safe area.
Trip start : From Kandy at 7.00am
Places to be visit
Polonnaruwa Gal Viharaya
Parakrama Samudraya
National Museum
Yoda Ela

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