Sripada Tour (Adam's Peak)

It is an important pilgrimage site, especially for Buddhists. Pilgrims walk up the mountain, following a variety of difficult routes up thousands of steps. The journey takes several hours at least. The peak pilgrimage season is in April, and the goal is to be on top of the mountain at sunrise, when the distinctive shape of the mountain casts a triangular shadow on the surrounding plain and can be seen to move quickly downward as the sun rises.

Climbing at night can be a remarkable experience, with the lights of the path leading up and into the stars overhead. There are rest stops along the way.

Mahaweli Tours & Holidays will provide plenty of vehicles as you request for sripada tour.

Tour Rates

Van Upto 15 seater

With AC - 8,500 LKR
Without AC - 7,000 LKR

Bus Upto 28 seater

With AC - 19,000 LKR
Without AC - 17,500 LKR

Bus Upto 54 seater

Without AC - 22,000 LKR

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