Windswood Villa

Windswood villa is a 5 Bedroom private holiday home in Kandy. Enter the serene world of a villa surrounded by walled courtyards and lush greenery, Be delighted spending your holiday, experiencing this great opportunity with family and friends since it offers the possibility of living together and spending time together. 
We aim to make your stay as comfortable as we can, so come spend quality time enjoying the best that Windswood Villa can offer. While you treat yourself with all the comfort that we can offer enjoy our cuisine, prepared and served then and there to suite your taste. Our Villa is an ideal location for a family celebration or a private party, dining at Windswood Villa will be an unforgettable experience.
Break away from the city stresses and book in at Windswood Villa, Take advantage of our most flexible offers with our Best Flexible Rates to make your hill country experience pleasant. As always, we will welcome you into this heaven on earth.

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