Tour to Sigiriya Rock Fortress
Sigiriya Rock Fortress Tour

Sigiriya Rock Fortress Tour will give you one of the most exhilarating experiences. We will provide you or/ and your group with a guide who will communicate with you efficiently. The guide will also explain the important knowledge and share the historical value of the place. If you require language specific guides, they can be arranged upon special request.

Introduction to Sigiriya

For every person who loves history, art, nature, and culture, Sigiriya has them all. There are cultural ruins and there are unbelievable remnants of history. Sigiriya Rock comes under the second one, being one of the most wonderful alterations of nature. This enormous rock fortress was once named as a world wonder. It is a world renowned architectural symbol with priceless ancient technology, paintings, and water system that functions up to date. It is probably the most visited tourist spot in Sri Lanka.

Where it all began: The history and formation of the kingdom

The Rock hill served as a monastery in the beginning of 3rd century BC. In the latter part, King Kashyapa reigned on the fortress and made it himself a castle on the rock. The technology used to build it, is still one of the marvelous inventions. After the kings reign it turned back in to a monastery until it was abandoned.

Entrance to the Sigiriya

The entrance of the castle is located in the northern end of the rock and the entire entrance is a carved Lion, from which it got the name ‘Sigiriya’, meaning ‘Lion’s Rock.’ The feet of the lion remain till date while the upper part is destroyed.

Frescos: It is eye candy!

Sigiriya frescos (stroke paintings) are believed to depict either the king’s wives, concubines, or other women who used to perform rituals and customs in the castle. Around eighteen paintings have lasted up to this date. These paintings show how women of ancient days lived, their head jewelry and mere beauty. It is a significant symbol of Sri Lankan history.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what is so good about you at all?

One of the most amazing elements of Sigiriya is the Mirror Wall. This was used to be polished so thoroughly that the king used to see his reflection through it. This was used to write poems and scripts by visitors. The oldest script denotes that the fortress used be a tourist spot for more than a thousand year.

The oldest landscape in the world

The rock’s western upper side has pools, a terrace-like pond, and landscaped gardens. In the entire world, Sigiriya engineering is considered one of the most complicated technologies to this date. The landscaped gardens accompanied by pools on top of the rock, show unbelievable hydraulic systems that has been pumping water from under the ground to the top of the Sigiriya rock.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress Tour with Mahaweli

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This magnificent Rock Plateau is still one of the wondrous creations of all time, considering the engineering technology, landscaping, paintings, and water systems. For every tourist that steps in to this island, the first note of advice from locals is to visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and they are right, you should pay a visit to see it yourself!

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