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In this post, we have brought you all the essential information about the Kandy to Ella train journey and how to book the tickets. So, we request that you read this guide if you are planning to take this journey ahead.

An Introduction to the Kandy to Ella train journey

The Kandy to Ella train ride is considered one of the best train rides in the world. This train ride actually started in Colombo and ended up in Badulla. But the Kandy to Ella portion is considered the most popular and scenic. So, a large number of locals and international tourists express their high demand for this amazing train ride. This journey takes approximately seven hours to reach its final destination. Anyhow, this is a must-do thing for a tourist who loves sightseeing in Sri Lanka.

The History of the Up-Country Railway

The Sri Lankan railway started in the mid-19th century. During that period, the country was ruled by the British government. They started the Colombo to Badulla railway to transport coffee and tea from the up-country. Those crops were only planted in the hilly areas of the country and there was no better transport option to send them to Colombo without a train.

In the early days, this railway was used mainly for transporting goods. People were gradually able to use it as a better transport option after the 1960’s. Therefore, the train ride became popular. Nowadays, the Kandy-to-Ella train ride is mostly fully crowded and busiest at the weekends.

Colombo - Badulla Train Time Table

Every day, six trains start their journey from Badulla and finish off in Colombo. Again, six trains started from Colombo fort and finished up at the Badulla railway station. But Mahaweli Tours and Holidays only books tickets for four trains. Two trains start their journey from Badulla and the other two start from the Colombo Fort. Therefore, you should definitely note this before reserving Kandy to Ella train tickets with us.

Here is the Kandy to Ella Train Time Table.

Kandy to Ella Train Time Table

We book tickets for trains 1016 and 1006, and those trains start their journey from the Badulla Railway Station.

The No. 1016 train starts around 5.45am and reaches Ella around 7am. It reaches Nanu Oya around 9.15 and comes to Kandy around 1.15pm. It finished its journey after reaching Colombo at around 4 pm. The No. 1006 train begins its ride at around 8.30 am from Badulla. Then it gets to Ella around 9.45 a.m. and Nanuoya around 11.55 a.m. It then reaches Kandy around 3.55am and finally reaches Colombo around 7pm.

Again, we book tickets for trains 1005 and 1015, and those trains start their journey from the Colombo Fort.

The No 1005 train starts at 5.50am from the Colombo Fort Railway station. It reached Kandy around 8.45am. Then it reaches Nanu Oya around 12.40pm and finally reaches Ella around 3pm. The No 1015 train departs from the Colombo Fort at around 8.30 a.m.It reached Kandy around 11 a.m. Then it reaches Nanu Oya around 2.40pm and finally reaches Ella around 4.45pm.

We suggest that those four trains are the ideal ones to pick and enjoy the best journey. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for Ella to Kandy or Kandy to Ella train tickets, we can reserve them for you.

Highlights of the Kandy to Ella Train Ride

Kandy to Nawalapitiya

Starting from Kandy, the train will first come to the Sarasavi Uyana railway station in Peradeniya. Until there, your train comes through Kandy city. Then the speed of the train will get much higher. You will pass many roads, towns, and bridges until the train comes to the Gampola Railway Station. From here, the urban environment is getting hidden, and you will see villages and the rural environment from here. Actually, from now on, you are going to be able to see the actual beauty of the upcountry railway. From here, you can observe beautiful mountains and tea plantations. Your train will cross the river Mahaweli a few times. Your train will come to the Nawalapitiya railway station after Gampola.

Nawalapitiya to Nanu Oya.

The train will come to the Galboda Railway Station after Nawalapitiya. Before arriving there, the train will pass through a few tunnels. From now on, you will be going through less populated areas, and suddenly you will enter a dense forest area with high forest cover. The elevation is now rising, and you will feel that the environment is also getting cooler. Then your train will come to the Watawala area. It is the area that receives the highest rainfall in Sri Lanka. Therefore, don’t wonder if you suddenly encounter rain in the Watawala area. After Rozella, the train will enter an area with large tea estates. It seems very scenic due to the well-maintained tea bushes. Until you reach the Nanu Oya, you can observe the beauty of those tea estates. In the Talawakale area, you can see two waterfalls called Saint-Clair waterfall and Devon Falls. Those two waterfalls are very attractive and nice to watch, and they add value to the trip.

Nanu Oya to Ella

Nanu Oya is another beautiful railway station where you should drop out if you go to Nuwara Eliya City. It’s not far to Nuwara Eliya from there. The elevation is still getting higher and you will now enter an area with a lot of forest and a lot of grassland. The Ambewela area is very popular for milk production in the country. Then you will enter the Pattipola Railway Station, which is considered the highest railway station in the country. The elevation of that point is 1881m above sea level. You will now feel much cooler than in other parts of the ride. After the Pattipola, you will come to the Idalgashinna by passing Ohiya Railway Station. You will pass many forest covered bridges before Idalgashinna. It feels like you are adventurous. Eljin Ella Waterfall is another beautiful waterfall that you can observe in these areas. The Nanu Oya to Idalgshinna part is comprised of a lot of forest and grassland. It is also another sparsely populated area.

Idalhashinna is another beautiful railway station with lovely surroundings. After that, you will enter the Haputale Railway Station. You can mostly see the mist in the Haputale area. Your train will cross pine tree forests in the Diyathalawa area. Then you will come to the Bandarawela railway station, and it’s not far to end your journey. After around 7 hours of the train journey, you will arrive at the final destination of Ella.

The main railway stations between Kandy and Ella

  • Sarasavi Uyana Railway Station (Peradeniya)
  • Gampola Railway Station.
  • Nawalapitiya Railway Station.
  • The Galboda Railway Station
  • Watawala Railway Station.
  • Hatton Railway Station
  • Talawakale Railway Station
  • Nanu Oya Railway Station
  • Ambewela Railway Station
  • Pattipola Railway Station.
  • Ohiya Railway Station
  • Idalgashinna Railway Station
  • Haputale Railway Station.
  • Bandarwela Railway Station

Places to Visit in Ella and the surrounding areas

  • Little Adam’s Peak
  • Nine Arch Bridge,
  • Ella Rock
  • Diyaluma Falls
  • Ravana Falls
  • Liptons Seat


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Things to Consider Before Reserving Kandy to Ella Train Tickets

  • The train ride normally takes around 7 hours. But most of the time, it is delayed more than the expected time. Don’t worry if it takes about 9 hours. You should know that it can happen.
  • Kandy to Ella train tickets are selling fast. It is really difficult to book a ticket on the same travel day. Therefore, it is better to make the reservation online or pick a tour agency like us to book a ticket for you.
  • Normally, first class tickets are considered the best option to enjoy a train ride. But in the Kandy to Ella train ride, this happens on the opposite side. Second class or third class is the best option for enjoying the ride. You can open your windows and smell the fresh air. If you choose a first-class ticket, then you will miss this opportunity.
  • It is better if you can bring water and essential foods. But you can buy the essentials from the local vendors.
  • You can do the same train ride from Colombo. But it is tough and you will have to wait on the train for at least 10 hours. Therefore, choosing the Kandy to Ella part is the better option.
  • Try to pick a train that starts early. That will give you a 100% worthwhile experience for your journey. If the dark is covering your journey, then you will miss a lot of enjoyment.
  • Most of them will believe the right-hand side is the best option until you reach the Nanu Oya. From there, the left-hand side gives you better pictures until you reach Ella City.
  • Be careful when putting your hands, legs, and head out the windows or doors. Always think about your safety first.


Kandy to Ella Train Ticket Booking with Mahaweli Tours and Holidays.

As we mentioned earlier, you can easily book your Kandy to Ella train tickets with us by contacting our team with the above-mentioned mobile number. If it is troublesome to use it further, then we suggest you fill out the form and just send it to us. We will contact you in a very short period of time and help you with ticket reservations.

    Final Words

    A Kandy to Ella Train Ride is a must-do thing in Sri Lanka. So, we strongly believe this guide will give you all the essential details about this scenic train ride. If it is so, don’t forget to share this article among your friends who are waiting to take this journey or looking for Kandy to Ella Train Tickets.

    Yala Safari Tour – Introduction

    Are you an adventurous person who loves to travel? or are you a person who admires nature?. Yala Safari Tour will fulfill all of these your requirements.

    Yala National Park is an enormous area of lush forests, green pastures, and scattered pools bordering the Ocean. Out of al the national parks in Sri Lanka, Yala is one of the biggest and condensed ones. It is full of everything Sri Lanka’s nature has to offer.

    This Yala Safari Tour is particularly designed to provide the best safari experience to our clients. You will be accompanied by our well-knowledgeable guides who are proficient in English. If you require language-specific guides, that can be arranged upon request. You will get an unforgettable experience in the wilderness while breathing in the freshest air from the forest around.


    Geographical location and history of Yala National Park

    Yala National Park is situated in the Southeast part of Sri Lanka, neighboring an ancient Buddhist Monastery and old rock painting. This is an added advantage for its value and it adds depth to its history. It is surrounded by pilgrimages and brings a lot of devotees to the site, apart from the tourists. The endless flora and fauna in the premises is astounding and it is very pleasant to the eye to see the coordination between animals and trees. Nature is wonderful!


    Yala National Park: One of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries

    Yala is a huge area of forest and wildlife on one soil. It is considered as one of the world renowned national parks because of its diversity. The area is filled with numerous species of animals and trees. The park also has lakes, streams, and lagoons. It is home for most of the species in the entire island. Yala is admired and loved by locals and foreigners from the beginning of time. The greatest attraction of the premises is the animals in their natural element.

    If you are up to challenging, adventurous, yet most satisfying visitations, Yala is a must-go. It will give you an opportunity of a lifetime to embrace everything the island has to offer in one tour. Come and marvel at the elephants bathing in the lakes and streams with their babies, breathe the lung-refreshing air, be amazed at the leopards, listen to the endless singing of the birds, and many more. It is indeed a treat of a lifetime.


    Come and experience this unforgettable Tour

    For your entire globetrotter who loves adventures, this Yala Safari Tour will give you one of the best memories to cherish. It is nothing but pure tranquility and peace from nature. If you are someone who inhales nature and admires its miraculous wonders, Yala has it all! Make sure to come with your cameras because you won’t want to miss out on peacocks dancing, herds of elephants wandering, leopards hiding behind bushes, sloth bear waiting for prey, and pure breeze of nature. Click as many pictures and selfies as you want because Yala Safari Tour will be the most highlighted destination of your entire itinerary. You will not be disappointed. All you ever wanted to see in the wilderness will be displayed in their best element.

    Grab your smart phones, cameras, water bottles, and get ready for this amazing tour with us to one of the most beloved national parks in the island!


    Yala Safari Tour with Mahaweli Tours & Holidays

    Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
    Yala, Thissamaharama, Galle, Matara, Tangalle, Dikwella, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Udawalawa, Ella, Badulla, Bandarawela, Haputhale, Arugambay

    Duration : Our Yala Safari Tour will take around 3 ½ on average.

    Tour Type : A private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Safari tour will be done by an off road vehicle and traveling to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach.


    Read More about our wildlife tours;

    Wilpattu Safari Tour

    Wasgamuwa National Park Safari Tour



    (Yala Safari Caver Image Credit: Pip Jones from Twitter)

    Wilpattu Safari Tour is one of the best wildlife experiences to take in Sri Lanka. We are Mahaweli Tours & Holidays, a leading tour agency in Sri Lanka. We offer a wide range of tours for tourists. Our Wilpattu Safari Tour is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts.


    An Introduction to Wilpattu Safari Tours

    Of the many extraordinary natural beauties that Sri Lanka holds, Wilpattu holds a special prominence. The specialty of this place is that it has ‘willus’, which means naturally sand-rimmed pools or basins which fill with rainwater. They are also called “Nature Lakes.”

    Our Wilpattu Safari Tour is specially designed to take you on a marvelous ride around this amazing nature safari, which will give you an experience you will never forget. You will be provided with a guide who is knowledgeable regarding local knowledge and good at English. If you need a language-specific guide, that can also be arranged upon special request. This Wilpattu Safari Tour is going to give you thrills and make you wonder how amazing nature really is.


    Wilpattu National Park: the amazing natural sanctuary for Safari Tour

    Wilpattu is one of the oldest and most protected of all national parks. It is located in the northwest part of Sri Lanka in the dry zone. It is governed by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Historical folk stories say that the point Prince Vijaya landed in Sri Lanka was later upgraded to National Park status. In the ancient days, Sri Lanka was called “Thambapanni”, which means copper sand. Wilpattu has roads and certain areas that have contrasting red and copper-like soil, which brings out these folk stories to life. The park is full of life and diversity. You will not be disappointed. It is considered one of the best national parks in Sri Lanka because of its diversity.

    From the entrance of your Wilpattu Safari tour, it gives a very beautiful feeling where the shadowy roads lead to lush forests. It is completely surrounded by greenery, and the roads in between are the ones that make the whole experience a wonderful one. At one point, you will go through ‘willus’, which means the shallow water ponds that appear in the rainy season. You will then go under the trees’ shadows with a cold breeze. There is plenty of bird life and you will hear them singing throughout the day. It is never boring. Embrace the herds of elephants, leopards growling behind trees, bears and wild boars eyeing prey, and the singing of beautiful birds according to the breeze’s tune.


    Wilpattu Flora and Fauna

    Over 31 species of mammals have been found in Wilpattu, while a number of endemic plants and trees have been recorded too. Not only mammals, but birds, reptiles, and amphibians are found in Wilpattu. It is one of the best national parks in Sri Lanka with many special features. The ideal time to do wilpattu safari tour is between February and October.

    So, pack your backpack and get ready for this adventurous safari tour around one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. It is not to be missed. You will get the best wildlife experience in their natural habitat. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with Wilpattu the moment you enter. The scattered ‘willus’ – water ponds and red/copper sand – will amaze you. Come, capture, and cherish it!


    Wilpattu Safari Tours with Mahaweli Tours & Holidays

    Possible Starting/Pick-up Locations:

    Colombo, Negombo, Chillaw, Puttlam, Kalpitiya, Anuradhaura, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Kurunega, Kandy, (You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility.)

    The Safari Tour will take approximately 3 12 hours on average.

    Tour Type: Our Safari Tour is a private tour. The vehicle and the guide/chauffeur guide are dedicated to you and your group. The safari tour will be done by an off-road vehicle and traveling to the starting point and back will be done by a comfortable car, van, or mini coach.


    So, it’s time to choose your Wilpattu Safari Tour with us! For more details, call: +94777 111553 or email: .




    (Cover Image Credit: OK Lanka Travels from Twitter) 

    Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
    Colombo, Kandy, Negombo, Nuwaraeliya, Benthota, Hikkaduwa, (You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility)

    Duration : It will take 2 – 4 hours to complete the

    Tour Type : A private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Rafting and other activities are carried out by professional trainers and they will be providing the required equipment. Transport to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach.

    When in Sri Lanka, days are never boring as there is so much to see, so much to do, and so much to eat. White water rafting is a recreational sport that gives an adrenaline-charged experience to water sports enthusiasts. This tour is uniquely designed to take you on white water rafting in Sri Lanka. You will be given a guide who is able to communicate with you in English as well as provide ample information on the local knowledge. Language specific guides can be provided on request too. Sri Lanka is an island full of almost every tourism opportunity. In this tiny island, there is adventure, there is natural beauty, there is ocean, and there is rich culture. Tourists from all over the world come to Sri Lanka to experience great natural exposure and adventure.

    Famous places and rivers in Sri Lanka for white water rafting

    For all who love an adventurous couple of hours, white water rafting will treat you just right. Sri Lanka’s most famous place for water rafting is a small town in the center of Sri Lanka called Kithulgala. This small town is famous specifically for this activity. People have many misconceptions about water rafting. As a lot of them say, you do not need extraordinary physical fitness. Although swimming would be an added benefit, an average amount of fitness will just do the job. It is an adventurous spirit that matters. You will be provided with a flotation kit whether you know swimming or not. Water rafting can be done in white waters or any turbulent waters in a river or a body of water. But Kithulgala is famous for this and has so many of them doing it. Three of the main rivers rafting is conducted are Kaleni River at Kithulgala, Mahaweli, and Sitawaka.

    Picturesque Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is consisted of many adventurous sports. Water rafting is one of the most loved activities by locals and foreigners alike. The tour will give you a thrilling experience to the central part of Sri Lanka. The way to Kithulgala is one of the most beautiful roads and the Kalani River at Kithulgala is one of the most famous rivers for water rafting. The rafting distance generally covered around 5KMs and a comprehensive set of instructions will be given to the participants by the instructor. This is an adventurous activity for anyone who is above 10 years of age.

    An experience worth having!

    Come and experience the exhilarating and thrilling experience of white water rafting in Sri Lanka, one of the most loved things to do by all tourists. It should be a must in your itinerary as Sri Lanka is famous for water rafting in Kithulgala. You will be guided and instructed properly, thus making it easy for you to enjoy. It does not require a lot of physical activity as most of them assume. It is an experience in one of the most beautiful rivers in Sri Lanka. Therefore, pack your bags, keeping in mind that this adventurous activity is on the list. This tiny island is full of adventure, color, and beauty. Come and see for yourself, and you will never be disappointed.



    (Cover Image Credit: TravelToe from IG)

    Looking for a Mirissa Whale Watching Tour? If so, you are at the right place. As a leading tour agency in Sri Lanka, Mahaweli Tours & Holidays offers the best tours for you. The Mirissa Whale Watching Tour is an awesome experience for those who love marine wildlife.


    Introduction to Whale Watching Tour in Mirissa

    As an island, Sri Lanka is covered in beautiful blue waters from all four corners. Travelers come to this island mostly to enjoy the sea breeze, eat good food, and get a healthy tan. There are cities that are blessed with beautiful seashores. Mirissa is one of those places where you get the most refreshing experience of the ocean.

    Mirissa Whale Watching Tour is uniquely designed to take you or/ and your group to Mirissa because the place is for Whale watching. You will be accompanied by our excellent guides who are fluent in English and local knowledge. Everything you need to know about the tour, the city, and the country will be informed by our professional guides. Language specific guides can be arranged on special request too.


    A little about the majestic city – Mirissa

    Mirissa is situated in the Southern-most part of the island. Southern shores are the most beautiful ones that Sri Lanka owns. It is a small town in Matara District, and it is known for beautiful beaches and nightlife for tourists. It is a place to enjoy a fresh coconut, breathe in the fresh air and forget all your sorrows. You will get to know how beautiful and rich the nature is, even before you get there. It is a popular tourist destination and also very famous for Whale watching. This is one of the reasons why many come to enjoy the fresh breeze while watching these mighty aquatic creatures do their sport.


    Whale Watching in Mirissa

    One of the main reasons why people go to Mirissa is to watch the Whales. Between October to May is the ideal time for visiting. Deep down in the ocean, the area is blessed with many species of Whales such as Blue Whales, Bryde’s Whale, Pilot Whale and Dolphins. Starting from Mirissa harbor, the whole thing is a striking adventure. For everyone who is into adventure, nature, and animal kingdom, this is a must-go. Whale watching in Mirissa will give you an experience of a lifetime. The beautiful and mighty sea creatures will pop up from the waters and show-off with their amazing dances and jumps. It is one of the main treasures of Mirissa and people love to enjoy clean and fresh air while watching the dancers of the ocean.

    Whale watching has become an adventurous, yet one of the most thrilling experiences tourists get up to date. So do not miss out on this amazing experience when you come to Sri Lanka. This tour is particularly designed to give you a memorable experience in this beautiful paradise. Come and take them all in so you can cherish later! Make sure to take as many pictures as you can. This is a must-see in this small island. We will be providing professionals to guide you throughout and you will not miss a thing.


    Mirissa Whale Watching Tour by Mahaweli Tours & Holidays

    Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
    Mirissa, Unawatuna, Matara, Tangalle, Galle, Dickwella, Benthota, Hikkaduwa, Udawalawa, (You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility)

    Duration :  We have to be at the starting point by 6.15 am. And it will take around 04 hours to complete the tour. We will be doing the tour using small ships and boats guided and handled by experienced staff.  All the required safety precautions are taken as per the regulations.

    Tour Type : Our Mirissa Whale Watching Tour is a private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Safari tour will be done by an off-road vehicle and traveling to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach



    (Mirissa Cover Image Credit: Asitha Kalinga from Twitter)

    Wasgamuwa Safari Tour is a superb wildlife experience to take in Sri Lanka. As a leading tour agency in Sri Lanka, Mahaweli Tours & Holidays offers Wasgamuwa Safari Tours to travelers. Before we talk more about this tour, let us give you a brief introduction to the Wasgamuwa National Park.


    Introduction to Wasgamuwa Safari Tour

    Sri Lanka is located in the heart of Indian Ocean and is one of the most loved islands in the entire world for its natural beauties, wildlife, historical value, and people. There are many places for all tourists to see in Sri Lanka in many areas. Wasgamuwa is one of those places which are admired by the whole world.

    Wasgamuwa Safari Tour is a private tour dedicated to you or/and your group where we will be allocating a professional guide/ chauffer guide who is qualified and well versed with the local knowledge. We will be providing guides who are proficient in English. On special request, we can provide guides who are language specific.

    What is Wasgamuwa National Park?

    Wasgamuwa National Park is one of the most loved wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. It is full of endemic wild creatures and birds. During the tour, you will come across rare species of the animal kingdom and birds that are quite amusing. A few of the rare and exotic species include cloth bear, leopards, endemic monkeys, and water buffalo. This park is a paradise on earth, with trees, birds, and animals hovering across the land. It is protected by Department of Wildlife Conservation.

    Where is it at?

    Wasgamuwa National Park is geographically located neighboring the historical city Polonnaruwa, which make it even more precious to the island. It is surrounded by rare and endemic species of flora and fauna which brings forth fresh air throughout the day. The neighboring city Polonnaruwa is one of the most powerful kingdoms that existed in the olden days, thus making the entire area a special place for visitation.

    Enjoy the majestic opulence of natural habitat!

    The park is full of scattered water ponds and pools which enable aquatic creatures and elephants to enjoy. For wildlife enthusiasts all around the world, Wasgamuwa is a must-see as it is condensed with species that are very rare and that you may not see anywhere else. For those that are taking the tour, can also visit the ancient ruins and historical places in the nearby cities; Polonnaruwa and Dambulla. It is home to more than 23 species of mammals. Endemic and endangered animal species are highly protected by the authorities and they are a sight to see and behold!

    Come and see for yourself!

    Everyone who is eager to explore nature, wildlife, and animal kingdom, Wasgamuwa National Park is a must. The best time of the year to visit the place is in between November to May where the largest herds of elephants wander around the park. With great national and historic value, the park holds one of the most appraised places in Sri Lanka. These large and gentle mammals enjoy the nature and other species through the day and it is beautiful to see how they get along. You can enjoy rejuvenating fresh air as soon as you enter the premises and see the miracles of nature in their best element. Want to experience the beauties and unseen realities of wildlife?

    Come; let us go on a Safari Tour in Wasgamuwa National Park to experience the best of the bests.

    This is a call for all those enthusiasts who admire and love nature and wildlife. There are a handful of places in Earth where wildlife is so condensed. This is one of those places you will get to see numerous species in one place. Don’t miss out the chances you might not get again.

    Wasgamuwa Safari Tour with Mahaweli Tours & Holidays

    Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
    Wasgamuwa, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Mathale, Kandy, Mahiyanganaya, Pasikudah  (You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility)

    Duration : Safari Tour will take around 3 ½ on average.

    Tour Type : Our Wasgamuwa Safari is a private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Wasgamuwa Safari Tour will be done by an off-road vehicle and traveling to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach.



    (Wasgamuwa Cover Image Credit: AsianDating from Twitter)

    Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
    Udawalawa, Ella, Tangalle, Mirissa,Galle, Unawatuna, Arugambay, Badulla, Bandarawela, Thissamaharama  (You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility)

    Duration : Safari Tour will take around 3 ½ on average.

    Tour Type : A private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Safari tour will be done by an off road vehicle and traveling to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach

    Sri Lanka is an island compact with many natural blessings. It is amazing to see so many natural beauties on one soil. Tourists from all around the world come to Sri Lanka to see its magnificent wildlife, beautiful waterfalls, deep blue seas, and glorious mountains. This tour is arranged for you or/and your groups to experience the wildlife and nature in Udawalawe National Park. This safari tour is designed by us to give you a matchless experience of seeing wildlife in their element. We provide excellent guides who are thorough with the local knowledge and English Language. Other language specific guides can be arranged on special request. It is our great and genuine passion to serve you with the best of Sri Lanka’s beauty.

    A little bit about the Park

    Udawalawe National Park is located on Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces’ boundaries. The northern part of the park is crowned with a range of mighty mountains and it is a sight to see. The park is overlooking the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River and it gives a cooling sensation throughout the day. The park consisted of endless flora and fauna which are endemic and endangered, thus being protected and preserved by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. With lush forests and scattered ponds, the park is a home for many species in the animal kingdom.

    Flora and Fauna

    The whole premise is full of greenery that is endemic to Sri Lanka. You will come across many species of trees that are highly appraised by the locals. It also has many kinds of animals such as Asian Elephants, Peacocks, Crocodiles, and Elephants. If you are an animal lover, you will not be disappointed. The best part of the safari is seeing elephants with their families. You will see baby elephants hiding behind their mothers, elephants washing themselves in the scattered ponds and reptiles in their own zone.

    From the beginning of the safari, you will experience unpolluted, undisturbed fresh air because of the many trees that stand tall around the park. They cover the entire area and give a cooling atmosphere throughout. For all you travelers, this is one of the places you must visit to get the best of experiences with wildlife and nature. Truly, nature is incomparable to anything in the world. You will be amazed at the beauty and harmony between flora and fauna. Mother Nature is built in such a way, to accompany animals and trees together to work hand-in hand.

    One of the most loved wildlife sanctuaries in the entire island!

    With elephants wandering across, with peacocks dancing to the nature’s tune with their mighty feathers, leopards hopping and running in the wilderness, and trees covering them all with it breeze is a full treat! Ensure to capture as many moments as you can because Udawalae National Park is one of the most beloved places in the entire island. Safari-lovers come to get a full serving of nature and beauty at Udawalawe National Park.



    (Cover Image Source: Kvn Poupi from Instagram)

    Sinharaja Trekking is an absolutely awesome activity to do for nature lovers. It is a world famous rain forest situated in Sri Lanka. In this guide we will explain all the information about Sinharaja Forest and how you can plan a trek to Sinharaja with Mahaweli Tours and Holidays.

    Here’s what’s amazing about Sinharaja:

    Sinharaja is full of flora and fauna that are endemic to Sri Lanka. According to research, more than 60 percent of the forest’s trees are considered rare and endemic. How amazing is that? A lot of natural elements are hidden inside this forest. There are waterfalls, rainforest vegetation, streams, and canopies. It is situated in the south-west lowland of Sri Lanka and is surrounded by local villages.

    History and formation of the forest

    According to some old folklore, the territory was once royal, belonging to ancient kings during the colonial era.It also has a name called “Rajasinghe Forest.” Nonetheless, this rainforest is untouched by any alteration by humans. Trekking in this virgin rainforest, which is the last viable one in Sri Lanka, is truly an exquisite experience. The forest gets thicker with every step you take. Once the trekking starts, you will feel yourself detaching from your world and attaching yourself to nature with every step you take. Sinharaja still has many places where a single human foot has not yet stepped in. It is full of biodiversity.

    Calling out all nature lovers to join trekking at Sinharaja Rainforest

    If you are a nature lover who loves seeing the beautiful diversity, Sinharaja is the best place in Sri Lanka. When you start venturing into the forest, you will understand that the forest consists of only the sounds of nature. There is no human intervention whatsoever. It is beautiful to experience endless birds chirping and see snakes and reptiles in their truest element. You will even hear leaves falling off the trees because there is no other sound other than the dominating sound of nature. It is the truest dimension of natural beauty.

    There is no such thing as “the best time to go” to Sinharaja forest. But if you need to avoid the monsoon, then it is better to avoid February, March, May, and July. Depending on the amount of it you want to see, the time duration varies. There is a research center inside the forest. So for all you nature lovers and researchers, you have everything you need to know right inside the forest. We will take you on an unforgettable trekking session where you will get to see the endemic amphibians and birds of Sri Lanka. The Sinharaja Rainforest is one of its kind. So come with your backpack prepared to go trekking at this majestic site.

    Sinharaja Trekking with Mahaweli Tours

    Sinharaja is none other than the last sustainable rainforest on this small island. Trekking in a place as prestigious as this is a privilege. This tour is uniquely constructed and designed to give you an experience of the natural world at its best. We will provide you with a guide who will communicate with you effectively in English. If you require language-specific guides, they can be arranged upon request. This is a forest reserve that has been declared a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is amazing to know that this tiny island has so many natural treasures, such as Sinharaja.

    So, it’s your time to book your Sinharaja Trekking Tour with us. For more information, please contact +94777 111553 or


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    (Sinharaja Rain Forest Cover Image by: Walk Through Sri Lanka)

    Gregory Lake is an attractive place to visit in Nuwara Eliya. It was built by Sir William Gregory in 1873. The place is very popular among local and international travelers. There are many activities to do based on this reservoir. It covers 90.2 ha and the surface elevation is 1874 m.

    Gregory Reservoir: History

    Britain controlled Sri Lanka during the period of 1796–1948. In 1872, Sir William Gregory was appointed as the new governor of Ceylon. His ruling time was from 1872 to 1877. After seeing wet land there, Sir Gregory went to Nuwara Eliya and decided to build this reservoir. The dam was constructed after damming the Thalagala Stream.

    During the British era, the lake was used for recreational and water activities. The water in the lake decided to direct itself into a tunnel for hydropower generation. That happened in 1913. The major aim of that hydro station was to generate essential electricity for the town.

    Activities in Lake Gregory

    The lake has been very popular for water activities in the past. You can do speed boat riding, swan boat riding, dinky boat riding, normal boat riding, and windsurfing. As well, there is a nice park around the lake. It is very beautiful because of the flowers on it. Furthermore, you can do pony rides, cycling, and leisure walks.

    The seaplane can take you to Gregory Lake. You can book your seaplane tour from Colombo and it will take around 30 minutes to get to Nuwara Eliya. There are many hotels, restaurants, and other facilities out there for visitors.

    More facts about the Area

    Nuwara Eliya is beautiful city that is situated on the central highlands. The cool and wet climate attract many visitors to the location. April month considered as the best time to visit the Nuwara Eliya and Gregory Lake.

    If you are planning Nuwara Eliya City Tour, then you can arrange it with Mahaweli Tours and Holidays. We are a leading tour agency in Sri Lanka. Call: 0777 111553 or email: for more details.

    (Gregory Reservoir Cover Image Credit: OviCourt)

    Sigiriya Rock Fortress Tour will give you one of the most exhilarating experiences. We will provide you or/ and your group with a guide who will communicate with you efficiently. The guide will also explain the important knowledge and share the historical value of the place. If you require language specific guides, they can be arranged upon special request.

    Introduction to Sigiriya

    For every person who loves history, art, nature, and culture, Sigiriya has them all. There are cultural ruins and there are unbelievable remnants of history. Sigiriya Rock comes under the second one, being one of the most wonderful alterations of nature. This enormous rock fortress was once named as a world wonder. It is a world renowned architectural symbol with priceless ancient technology, paintings, and water system that functions up to date. It is probably the most visited tourist spot in Sri Lanka.

    Where it all began: The history and formation of the kingdom

    The Rock hill served as a monastery in the beginning of 3rd century BC. In the latter part, King Kashyapa reigned on the fortress and made it himself a castle on the rock. The technology used to build it, is still one of the marvelous inventions. After the kings reign it turned back in to a monastery until it was abandoned.

    Entrance to the Sigiriya

    The entrance of the castle is located in the northern end of the rock and the entire entrance is a carved Lion, from which it got the name ‘Sigiriya’, meaning ‘Lion’s Rock.’ The feet of the lion remain till date while the upper part is destroyed.

    Frescos: It is eye candy!

    Sigiriya frescos (stroke paintings) are believed to depict either the king’s wives, concubines, or other women who used to perform rituals and customs in the castle. Around eighteen paintings have lasted up to this date. These paintings show how women of ancient days lived, their head jewelry and mere beauty. It is a significant symbol of Sri Lankan history.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what is so good about you at all?

    One of the most amazing elements of Sigiriya is the Mirror Wall. This was used to be polished so thoroughly that the king used to see his reflection through it. This was used to write poems and scripts by visitors. The oldest script denotes that the fortress used be a tourist spot for more than a thousand year.

    The oldest landscape in the world

    The rock’s western upper side has pools, a terrace-like pond, and landscaped gardens. In the entire world, Sigiriya engineering is considered one of the most complicated technologies to this date. The landscaped gardens accompanied by pools on top of the rock, show unbelievable hydraulic systems that has been pumping water from under the ground to the top of the Sigiriya rock.

    Sigiriya Rock Fortress Tour with Mahaweli

    You can plan your Sigiriya Rock Fortress Tour with Mahaweli Tours & Holidays. We are a reputed and leading tour agency in Sri Lanka. No need to think twice. Simply call 0777 111 553 or send an email to


    This magnificent Rock Plateau is still one of the wondrous creations of all time, considering the engineering technology, landscaping, paintings, and water systems. For every tourist that steps in to this island, the first note of advice from locals is to visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and they are right, you should pay a visit to see it yourself!

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