Kuttam Pokuna in Anuradhapura: Twin Ponds of Ancient Elegance

In the heart of Anuradhapura, there’s a unique place called Kuttam Pokuna, and it’s not your typical spot. These are twin ponds that whisper tales of ancient Sri Lanka’s architectural brilliance. Let’s dive into what makes Kuttam Pokuna special and why it’s a must-see.


Architectural Marvels:

Built a very long time ago, Kuttam Pokuna translates to “Twin Ponds.” These aren’t just any ponds; they are ancient bathing tanks crafted with precision. The symmetry and design reflect the advanced engineering skills of the people who lived in Anuradhapura back in the day.


Why Kuttam Pokuna Is Unique:

Kuttam Pokuna isn’t your usual watering hole. It’s like a pair of elegant baths from ancient times. The larger pond is for the adults, and the smaller one is for the younger folks. The builders made sure they had steps and fountains, turning these ponds into stylish bathing spots.


Reasons to Explore Kuttam Pokuna:

  1. Step Back in Time: Kuttam Pokuna is like a time machine. When you visit, you get a glimpse into how people used to build cool things way back when.
  2. Architectural Wonders: If you’re into old structures, Kuttam Pokuna is a treat. The symmetry and details in the design show the artistic side of the ancient builders.
  3. Cool Ponds, Cool Vibes: People don’t just come to Kuttam Pokuna to look at old ponds. The atmosphere is serene, making it a peaceful spot for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle.


Special Features of Kuttam Pokuna:

  1. Twin Delight: The fact that there are two ponds, side by side, adds to the uniqueness of Kuttam Pokuna. It’s like having a pair of ancient gems in one place.
  2. Steps and Fountains: The builders didn’t just stop at ponds; they added steps and fountains. Imagine having a relaxing bath surrounded by such thoughtful design!


Preserving Kuttam Pokuna’s Charm:

People today are making sure Kuttam Pokuna stays as awesome as it was centuries ago. They’re working on keeping the ponds in good shape so that everyone can enjoy their ancient charm.


Other Nearby Wonders:

  1. Abhayagiriya Monastery: Just a hop and a skip away is Abhayagiriya Monastery. It’s a place with old ruins and stories from a time when monks lived there.
  2. Ruwanwelisaya Stupa: If you’re up for more history, Ruwanwelisaya Stupa is nearby. It’s a massive stupa with intricate carvings, adding to the historical richness of Anuradhapura.


In Conclusion:

Kuttam Pokuna isn’t your everyday tourist spot; it’s a journey to the past. Whether you’re into old structures, looking for a peaceful atmosphere, or just curious about how people lived way back when, Kuttam Pokuna invites you to soak in the elegance of its twin ponds and discover the beauty of ancient Sri Lankan architecture.




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