Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
Colombo, Kandy, Negombo, Nuwaraeliya, Benthota, Hikkaduwa, (You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility)

Duration : It will take 2 – 4 hours to complete the

Tour Type : A private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Rafting and other activities are carried out by professional trainers and they will be providing the required equipment. Transport to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach.

When in Sri Lanka, days are never boring as there is so much to see, so much to do, and so much to eat. White water rafting is a recreational sport that gives an adrenaline-charged experience to water sports enthusiasts. This tour is uniquely designed to take you on white water rafting in Sri Lanka. You will be given a guide who is able to communicate with you in English as well as provide ample information on the local knowledge. Language specific guides can be provided on request too. Sri Lanka is an island full of almost every tourism opportunity. In this tiny island, there is adventure, there is natural beauty, there is ocean, and there is rich culture. Tourists from all over the world come to Sri Lanka to experience great natural exposure and adventure.

Famous places and rivers in Sri Lanka for white water rafting

For all who love an adventurous couple of hours, white water rafting will treat you just right. Sri Lanka’s most famous place for water rafting is a small town in the center of Sri Lanka called Kithulgala. This small town is famous specifically for this activity. People have many misconceptions about water rafting. As a lot of them say, you do not need extraordinary physical fitness. Although swimming would be an added benefit, an average amount of fitness will just do the job. It is an adventurous spirit that matters. You will be provided with a flotation kit whether you know swimming or not. Water rafting can be done in white waters or any turbulent waters in a river or a body of water. But Kithulgala is famous for this and has so many of them doing it. Three of the main rivers rafting is conducted are Kaleni River at Kithulgala, Mahaweli, and Sitawaka.

Picturesque Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is consisted of many adventurous sports. Water rafting is one of the most loved activities by locals and foreigners alike. The tour will give you a thrilling experience to the central part of Sri Lanka. The way to Kithulgala is one of the most beautiful roads and the Kalani River at Kithulgala is one of the most famous rivers for water rafting. The rafting distance generally covered around 5KMs and a comprehensive set of instructions will be given to the participants by the instructor. This is an adventurous activity for anyone who is above 10 years of age.

An experience worth having!

Come and experience the exhilarating and thrilling experience of white water rafting in Sri Lanka, one of the most loved things to do by all tourists. It should be a must in your itinerary as Sri Lanka is famous for water rafting in Kithulgala. You will be guided and instructed properly, thus making it easy for you to enjoy. It does not require a lot of physical activity as most of them assume. It is an experience in one of the most beautiful rivers in Sri Lanka. Therefore, pack your bags, keeping in mind that this adventurous activity is on the list. This tiny island is full of adventure, color, and beauty. Come and see for yourself, and you will never be disappointed.



(Cover Image Credit: TravelToe from IG)