Best places for surfing in Sri Lanka
Best Surfing Places in Sri Lanka

Do you want to have an exhilarating surfing experience and looking surfing places in Sri Lanka ? And what is more relaxing than an exciting surfing session, good food, sea breeze, and music? When surfers visit Sri Lanka, they have an exquisite experience in the sea. There is a time period for each coast. But around the island, there is always a spot for surfing. This beautiful island has so many activities to do and places to see. Water sports are one of the things Sri Lanka is famous for. Out of all, surfing is their top-notch water activity.

A little bit about surfing coasts in Sri Lanka

Generally, the southern side of the island is ideal for surfing between November and May because the waves are at their best. The best time for surfing in the eastern part of the island is between April to October.

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Let us see the best surfing places in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is the most famous surfing spot in Sri Lanka. Situated in the southwest coast in the island, Hikkaduwa makes a beautiful beach. It is always full of life because of surfing, corals and many other beach activities. This coast is loved by locals and foreigners alike. Bennys, Main Reef, North Jetty, and Beach Break are the major surfing spots in Hikkaduwa.

Unawatuna Bay is another famous spot for surfing. It is more suitable for family vacations as nightlife is not so happening like in Hikkaduwa. But the waves are as good as the other ones, making it one of the famous spots. The best surfing spots in Unawatuna Bay are Dalawella Reef, Unawatuna Beach Break, Bonavista Bay, South Beach, and Kabalana Beach Break.

If you are a beginner in surfing, Weligama is the most ideal place to start from. It has suitable waves for surfing all around the year.

Arugam Bay on the east is one of the most loved surfing spots. It is best to visit this bay in April and September. These famous spots in Arugam Bay will give you an exciting surfing experience; Pottuvil and Whiskey Point, Baby Point and Main Point, and Elephant Rock.

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the rain hits the waves in different directions throughout the year. Generally, the country always has a surfing spot available for surfers, bringing them from all around the world, throughout the year.

The Bottom Line:

Sri Lanka has surfing spots for beginners as well as experts. There are surfing places in Sri Lanka that is suitable for each category. You can experience a happening surfing experience followed by all-night entertainment in Hikkaduwa, or you can go with your family for an enjoyable surfing experience followed by amazing Sri Lankan food at Unawatuna Bay. Either way, you can experience bouncy waves and water crashing on the rocks while surfing blue waters.

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