Negombo fish market is considered as country’s 2nd largest in it’s category. Located in Negombo, one of the most beautiful coastal city of Sri Lanka. It takes only a drive of few minutes from the Negombo city or from the most of the hotels / resorts in the area to reach this very busy place. They starts days proceeding in the morning early as 3.30 am. Approximately over 3500 fishermen leave for sea from here daily. Market operates till late afternoon.

It’s kind of a noisy place with the individual vendors trying to get the maximum offer for their catches while buyers trying to buy them at bargain prices.

Visitors get the opportunity to meet the fishermen, talk to them and get some idea about the whole process and their lifestyle too. Also they offer you the opportunity to join fishing trips with them.

Sunday is a holiday for Negombo Fish Market as most of the people engaged in this industry are Catholics and they attend church in the morning. Evenings they will have some fun-filled time with partying and meeting friends so on.



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