Sorabora Wewa is a manmade ancient reservoir located in Mahiyanganaya, Badulla District (Uva Province) of Sri Lanka. Capacity if the tank is 1100 acres (4.5 Sq km) and holds 11800 acre feet of water.

History of this giant lake goes back to the 2nd century BC and it’s believed to be built during  King Dutugemunu’s era ( (161 BC – 137 BC).

This lake is considered as one of the most important creation of Sri Lankan ancient irrigation technology as it’s sorowwa (sluice gate) was made of the a natural rock. This is the only one found that nature found in Sri Lanka.

It’s worth making a visit here if you are visiting Mahiyanganaya or traveling through the city. Located just 1 km away from the Mahiyanganaya city and the famous Mahiyanganaya ancient Buddhist temple.

Lake supports local community with supply of water for the agriculture lands over 3000 acres. Also it’s rich with fish which supports the inland fishery industry.

Boat service operated by the locals available here for the visitors to enjoy a ride.

You can consider following attractions / places when planning the visit here.


Distance from
Wasgamuwa National Park  : 30 km
Kandy : 76 km
Bintenna / Veddas Village : 15 km
Dunhinda water fall : 70 km
Badulla : 73 km
Ella : 95 km
Batticaloa : 107 km
Dambulla : 90 km