Gala Muduna Temple in Badulla
Galamuduna Temple in Badulla

Would you like to sit on a wooden bench on top of a rock and watch the beauty of nature? So this is one of the best places to get such an experience.

From past to present
Sri Sambuddhaloka Wiharaya is located in a small village called Kahataruppa’, which belongs to Badulla District. The distance to the place is around 20 km from Badulla city. Currently, this temple is known as “Galamuduna Temple”, because it is situated on a large stone mountaintop. Visitors can observe a breathtaking view from there. In ancient times, there was a chamber where the arahants meditated below this rock. And also, there was a palace inside the rock. Dagoba and dwelling houses are currently being constructed, and devotees can contribute.

On the way
You have to choose the Palawatta-Kahataruppa bus from Badulla city. After that, get off the bus and walk down a small road for a short distance. It is 4km away from Kahataruppa junction.

As a visitor, you shouldn’t forget to bring a water bottle, an umbrella, and a snack. There is a small outlet near the bus stop where you can buy anything. Typically, visitors can travel on this small inner road on foot, by motorbike, or by three-wheeler. But it is difficult for little cars to follow that route.

Heaven Beauty
When you go to the top of the rock of the temple, you can see the village of Kohonawala, which has the least amount of sunlight in Sri Lanka, as well as Madolsima, Matigahathanna, and Pitimaruwa. Devotees can worship the sacred Bo tree and Buddha temple. The top of the rock can be seen very attractively in the early morning or in the evening when the sun sets.

So, finally, we have to say that the people who visit this sacred place and enjoy its beauty should be protected by not littering here.



(Cover Image Credit: Dulan Uddhika Marasinghe )

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