Jeffery Bawa’s Lunuganga Garden: A Marvel of Architectural Brilliance

Jeffery Bawa, a renowned Sri Lankan architect, is famous for his innovative style that combines Western modernism with traditional Asian elements. One of his remarkable achievements is the Lunuganga Garden, a stunning oasis of art and nature located near Bentota, Sri Lanka.

Born in 1919 in British Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Jeffery Bawa initially studied law but later found his true calling in architecture. He attended the Architectural Association School in London, where he was exposed to different architectural styles that would shape his future work. Bawa’s unique style emerged from his deep understanding of local traditions and passion for creating harmonious spaces that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Bawa’s architectural portfolio includes several iconic projects. The Sri Lankan Parliament Building, the Kandalama Hotel, and the Heritance Kandalama Hotel. These structures showcase his ability to combine functionality and aesthetics while respecting the natural environment.

Situated near Bentota, the Lunuganga Garden is a captivating creation that reflects Bawa’s architectural brilliance. The garden was an experimental canvas for Bawa to explore his ideas and nurture his design passion. Over four decades, he developed this sanctuary by integrating water features, sculptures, pavilions, and lush greenery, creating a tranquil and harmonious ambiance.

Lunuganga Garden showcases Bawa’s mastery of architectural principles, including the use of symmetrical and asymmetrical forms, contrasting textures, and strategic placement of structures. Visitors can explore various elements of the garden, such as the terrace inspired by Italian design, the serene Lotus Pond, and the magnificent Water Garden. Each area offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of Bawa’s artistic vision.

Today, Lunuganga Garden is home to the Lunuganga Country Estate, a cozy hotel that allows guests to experience Bawa’s masterpiece up close. The hotel provides a peaceful and intimate atmosphere, enabling visitors to stay amidst the garden’s enchanting beauty. Guests can relax in well-designed rooms and suites, savor delicious cuisine, and explore the meticulously maintained gardens.

Visitors are drawn to Lunuganga Garden not only for its architectural splendor but also for the opportunity to witness the legacy of one of Asia’s most celebrated architects. The garden’s serene ambiance, breathtaking views, and timeless design captivate the imagination, providing an inspiring and rejuvenating experience.

Jeffery Bawa’s Lunuganga Garden stands as a testament to his exceptional talent and creative vision. This remarkable oasis showcases the harmonious relationship between architecture and nature, inspiring visitors from around the world. As a living masterpiece, Lunuganga Garden showcases Bawa’s architectural genius and leaves an indelible mark on the world of design.




(Cover Image Credi Goes to the original owner. Image Souce: Unseen Sri Lanka)

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