Ravana Falls Waterfall is one of the famous tourist attractions in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. It is situated in the Ella area of the Badulla District. With a height of 25 meters (82 feet), the waterfall is considered one of the widest in the country. Locals also refer to this waterfall as “Bambaragama Ella.”

Ravana Ella Waterfall is formed by a branch of the Kirindi Oya River and is located at an elevation of 1050 m. The place is not far from Ella city, and the distance from the Ella railway is 6 km. Anyone who travels to the Wellawaya side of Ella can easily see this lovely waterfall. Cascading through a concave rock outcrop looks so beautiful to watch. You can enjoy its beauty from the viewpoint, which is a stage.

Ravana Falls Waterfall also has a folktale, which combines with the epic tale of Ramayana. The name of the waterfall, ‘Ravana’ comes from this folklore. According to them, King Ravana has escaped with Princess Sita into a cave behind this waterfall. But today, you cannot find such a cave near the waterfall. A cave called ‘Ravana Cave’ near the Bandarawela area is also connected to the Ravana folklore. The place is not far from here and is popular among locals.

The waterfall cascades with a few drops. Someone can descend and reach the waterfall’s upper tiers. But it is not an activity that you should try. It’s better if you can watch the beauty of the waterfall from that viewpoint. There are a few spots to bathe there. You should be concerned about the weather before bathing in the pools there. The waterfall is very dangerous in the rainy season.
Finally, we suggest you visit Ravana Falls Waterfall when you travel to the Ella area.


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