The scenic train-ride in Sri Lanka
The Scenic Train Ride in Sri Lanka

This particular train ride is from the capital to the city called Badulla. We have arranged to take you on this ride by providing an excellent guide to guide you through. If you require language specific guides, they can be arranged upon request. We will assure you that you get the best of experiences during this ride. This island has beautiful cities and villages that are in the midst of these rail roads. We will provide you with all the information and guidance necessary to take the best train at the best time. Keep reading to see and understand the amazing ride to one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

This will give you a comprehensive idea about Sri Lanka’s railway system, the best time to go and the activities to do.

The best way to get to Badulla…

Train rides have generally become a tourist’s favorite because of many reasons. It is inexpensive and give a very cultural experience. It gives you a very cultural experience, helping you see all the beautiful sceneries that pass by. This train ride starts from the Colombo Railway Station to Kandy. It then takes an onward to Badulla. The way from the transit is utterly breathtaking!

People’s favorite travel mode when they come to this island…

The best thing about this ride is, you can relax on the way, sleep if you want to, sit and watch the beauty, go to the loo, take pictures, and eat the unlimited snacks sold by many sellers that get in. Take the chance of trying country’s unique spiced fruits called ‘Achcharu.’

Railway system in Sri Lanka

Initially during British colonization, they built a railway system from the inlands to Colombo for merchandising purposes. They built it to bring tea, coffee and other spices via train to Colombo to import. But today, all Sri Lanka’s major cities have a railway station and trains operate throughout the country. We can reserve the tickets for you on advance requests.

There are separate classes of travel such as 1st Class Observation with reserved seats, unreserved 2nd class, and unreserved 3rd class. Either way, this is an interesting way of commuting in Sri Lanka, especially for tourists, to gain the maximum vision of nature. This extension to Badulla is called “Podi Manike” train.

It has become an important mode of transportation used both by locals and foreigners alike. It is maintained by the authorities of the country, and unlike those days, trains have become a main public transport mode.

The Bottom line: The way to Badulla will not disappoint you

If you love nature and would like to experience one the most loved train rides in the world, make it on top of your to-do list when you come to visit this unbelievably blessed island. It is impossible to miss the rich and untouched nature of this beautiful island. So come with your cameras and bag packed!



(Cover Image of Kandy to Ella Train Ride Credit Goes to: @kelsddddd from IG)

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