Sri Muthumariamman Temple (Hindu Temple) in Matale
Gopuram of the Sri Muthumariamman Temple in Matale.

Sri Muthumariamman Temple is a Hindu temple that is situated in Matale. Most of the Tamil people also called this Arulmigu Sri Muthumari Amman Kovil. The place is an honorable place for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees. It is an open place for locals and foreigners, making it a fabulous place to visit in Matale.

The Sri Muthumariamman Temple is dedicated to Mariamman, who is believed to be the goddess of rain and fertility. In that name, the prefix ‘Muthu’ means pearl, ‘Mari’ means rain, and ‘Amman’ means mother in Tamil.



The Matale Hindu Temple is situated not far from Matale City, where it is easy to find. Here you can see its Google Maps location:


Address: 608. Sri Mutthu Maryamman Devastanam, 16A, Trincomalee Street, Matale, Sri Lanka


What can you observe in the Sri Muthumariamman Temple?

The main attraction of this temple is its large gopuram. The structure is 32 meters tall, so it can be seen from a long distance. The gopuram is decorated with many statues and sculptures. It looks so beautiful, and nobody misses it without capturing its photograph. The gopuram is also called Raja Koburam, and it is considered one of the largest gopurams in Sri Lanka.

As well, you can see paintings and Hindu architecture in this temple. It can further be described as the finest place to watch the excellence of Hindu architecture in Sri Lanka.


History of the Matale Hindu Temple

The place was a paddy field in the early 19th century. It was gifted by the owner in 1852 to establish a small statue under a tree to pray for Hindu devotees. Then the current temple was developed by the Hindus into a large Kovil. That happened in the year 1874, which was funded by Nattukkottia Chettiar.

The gopuram contains more than 1000 statues and sculptures that represent Hindu deities. The designs and decorations were done by a South Indian sculptor called ‘Nagalingam and his son, ‘Ramanathan. However, it has been supported by more than 100 local designers and painters as well. The Raja Gopuram was completed in 2007.

The first Kumbabishekam event of the Muthumariamman Temple was held in 1960. The temple was damaged during the anti-Tamil riots in 1983. But it was restored later.


Festivals of Sri Muthumariamman Temple

The chariot festival at Sri Muthumaramman Temple is trendy among the locals. It is celebrated every Navam full moon Poya day (Poya day in February). Many people gather around the city to watch that festival with devotion.


Further details about the Matale Hindu Temple

There is a large wedding hall in this temple, which has been used since the early days. Visitors from all over the world can enter the temple. However, foreigners are required to buy a ticket to enter the temple. Anyhow, Sri Muthumariamman Temple is a fabulous spot to visit in Matale. You can visit this place during your tour from Kandy to Sigiriya.

Phone Number: +9466 2222 481

Open Hours: 6.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 16.45 p.m. to 19.45 p.m.


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