Sri Lanka is an Asian island which looks like a tiny dot on the world map, yet filled with many natural beauties. The center of this little island is covered by a crown of mountains and there are many rocky and green mountains that signify importance to the country’s culture and religions. This tour is specially designed to take you to one of the most sacred mountains in Sri Lanka. You will be accompanied by a guide who is well versed with the local knowledge and the hike. If you require language specific guides, that can be arranges upon request too. This sacred hike is highly appraised by Sri Lankan and by name it is Adams Peak/ Sri Pada.

The religious beliefs of the mountain

A lot of people climb the mountain because of the significant footprint that is covered and protected because of many reasons. In the Buddhist tradition, it is said to be the footprint of Buddha and in the Hindu belief, it is said to be Hanuman’s or Shiva’s. Some Christian and Islamic believers say it is the footprint of Adam. Because of this, Adams Peak is a regularly visited place in Sri Lanka. Tourists from all around the globe come to visit this place because of its cultural and religious importance.

The hike!

Generally the hike starts in the middle of the night, so you can reach the top of the mountain to see the sunrise. The tiring hike will be worth the spectacular sunrise you get to see on top. If you are up to an adventurous night hike, this will be it. The climb is a mixture of inclined walk and crumbled stepping stones. You will be guided throughout, providing information and breaks necessary. The best is at the top of the mountain where you get to see the beautiful city. It is truly a nostalgic moment after an adventurous hike. This tour is dedicated to all audacious travelers with excitement and information.

Adams Peak is admired and appreciated by Sri Lankans and tourists alike. Out of all the mountains in the country, Sri Pada (Adams Peak) is considered a sacred one by all beliefs. The truth of the matter is, it depends on who believes what. Nonetheless, it is an amazing hike that is trekked by most tourists. It is also a well renowned mountain because of its cultural value, thus making it a condensed place.

Get ready to hike!

Make sure to bring your water bottle to quench your thirst and your camera to capture the stunning sunrise. You will find restrooms and refreshments along the way. It is best if you get there just before dawn because just after dawn comes the stunning view. Adams Peak has one of the most unique views of sunrise every single morning. This is the reason many traveler take up the challenge of hiking the mountain to grab an unforgettable experience


Adams Peak Tour

Possible Starting / Pick-up Locations :
Kandy, Colombo, Negombo, Airport, Nuwaraeliya, Galle, Benthtoa,

(You can let us know your exact location for us to check and confirm the possibility)

Duration : It take around 10 hours to reach the peak of the mountain and come back.

Season : December – May

Tour Type : A private tour. Vehicle and the Guide / Chauffer guide are dedicated to you / your group. Safari tour will be done by an off road vehicle and traveling to the starting point and back will be done by Comfortable Car / Van / Mini coach



(Adams Peak Image Credit: N K Lanka from Facebook