There are many interesting things about Sri Lanka. Tourism and Sri Lanka are connected in a huge way to country’s sustenance. The main reason this country has become a famous tourist spot is its immense natural beauty. Sri Lanka is full of nature in every corner of the island. Even in the most cosmopolitan areas, the country still has natural beauties to behold. One of the most interesting tourist activities is trekking and hiking. Sri Lanka has a lot of mountains and plains that have attracted trekkers in a huge manner.

This tour is specifically designed to take you to one of the mountain ranges that is situated in the central part of the island called Hanthana. This range is naturally a very opulent mountain range with amazing views. We will provide you with a guide who is fluent in English as well as local knowledge. If you need language specific guides, they can be arranged upon special request too.


The scenic beauty of Hanthana

Since the beginning of time, Hanthana Mountain range has been popular for its picturesque sceneries from the top. A lot of Sri Lankan songs are also written based on the breathtaking view from Hanthana. This is one of the main reasons why local and international trekkers have taken interest in this mountain range. It is consisted of seven peaks and gives a beautiful view of nature at its best.

Hanthana is protected by Wildlife Conservation because it is full of birds, wild boards, leopards, foxes, and monkeys. One of the most interesting things to do while hiking this range is to visit Hanthana Viharaya which dates back to Kingdom of Kandy. It has become popular amongst trekkers because it is easier to explore compared to other places. Just below the slopes of the range lies one of the biggest universities in Sri Lanka, Peradeniya University. Because of this, the mountain is equally loved and visited by foreigners and locals.


Hanthana Trekking 

With our guides, you will be taken to Hanthana via Kandy and you will go through breathtaking tea plantation estates and roads full of mist. Because of the weather in the city, Hanthana is considered to be one of the most loved mountains. It even has a peak called ‘mountain of love’ which is covered by mist. The scenery is utterly breathtaking. You will meet local villagers on the way to the mountain who can guide you and give you more information regarding the local markets and the hills.


The magnificent peaks in Kandy

If you visit Kandy in Sri Lanka, Hanthana Trekking/Hiking should be on top of your to-do list because of its breathtaking view from the top. November to April is the best season to hike the range. From the beautiful tea plantations to the friendly villagers, you will get an unforgettable experience in hiking.


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