Best Hiking Places in Kandy
Hiking Places in Kandy

Looking for the best hiking places in Kandy? If yes, you are in the correct place. This post will go over the top six hiking and trekking spots in and around Kandy. According to us

Here are the best hiking places in Kandy and its surrounding areas.

  • Hanthana Mountain Range
  • Pettigala
  • Knuckles Five Peaks
  • Alagalla
  • Yahangala and Kehelpathdoruwa
  • Dothalugala

We will go into greater detail about these 06 locations from here, but if you are really interested in them, we recommend that you read more about them.

Hanthana Mountain Range

Hanthana Mountain Range is a very popular destination among hikers in Sri Lanka. It is situated very close to Kandy City. You can observe this mountain range from the city. The radio transmission towers on the mountain range will definitely catch your eye as you look towards the entire range. It’s not difficult to reach the place.

There are 4 main routes to go there;

  • Peradeniya-Sarasawigama Route
  • Mahakanda – Sarasawigama Route
  • Galaha – Delthota Route
  • Hanthana – Uduwela Route

The Hanthana-Uduwela Route is the simplest of the four. It’s a few-hour, moderately difficult hike. After reaching the first peak, you can trek long distances along the whole mountain range. Uragala is the highest point, with an elevation of 1240 m.

Katusukonda is the most attractive spot for adventure in the Hanthana Range. It is a narrow footpath on the edge of a large rock that is ideal for adventure lovers. There is a sudden change in weather on the top of the range. As a result, it is best to go on a hike after considering the weather forecast. You can observe the entire Kandy city from the Hanthana. This is certainly one of the best hiking places in Kandy for sure. 

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Pettigala Mountain is 20 kilometers away from Kandy. To reach there, you should first visit Digana Town via the A26 route. You’ll need to travel another 5 kilometers to get there. Before Pettigala, you are entering the Bambaragala Raja Maha Viaharaya. It is a historically important temple because of the old temple. During your hike, you can visit the Bamabragala Raja Maha Viharaya with devotion.

Hiking to Pettigala is not much of a difficult effort. It is easy, and you have to travel around 1 km to reach its top. The height of the mountain is 760 meters, and anyone can go to the top without any problem. You will meet two ancient caves called ‘Indrasala Guhawa” and “Sithuwam Lena” during this trek.

The top view is absolutely fantastic, and you can observe Victoria Reservoir from there. wonderful spot to relax and take in the scenery. You can view the Knuckles Mountain range and the surrounding mountains from there.

Knuckles Five Peaks

The Knuckles Mountain Rage has spread to Kandy and Matale districts. You can enter the Knuckles range by traveling around 30 to 40 kilometers from Kandy. Knuckles Five Peaks are the most popular hiking spot in the Knuckles Massif, with an elevation of 1863 m. It is the second-highest point in the entire range by elevation. For the travelers, it is a much more difficult hike and a much longer trek.

There are two major routes to reach the Knuckles Five Peaks. one from Wattegama-Bambarella and the other from Teldeniya-Thangappuwa. The best route to follow is the first one. The Dawatagala Nature Trail serves as the starting point for the trek. You will meet a beautiful waterfall called ‘Knuckles Falls’ during your trail. The hike is easy at the start and then gradually gets harder when the elevation goes up. You can reach the first peak within 2 hours. According to your preferences, you can cover all five peaks in a single day. Second Peak is the highest point and offers the best views. From there, you can view most of the Knuckles Mountain Range.


Another popular hiking destination in Kandy or Sri Lanka is Alagalla. It is a moderately difficult hike with a duration of 2–4 hours. There are two major routes to reach the mountain. One comes from Ihala Kotte Railway Station, while the other comes from Poththapitiya Village. But the most famous route is from Ihala Kotte station. You can reach the station easily via the Kandy-Colombo Railway route.

The hike starts near the Alagalla Tea Factory, and both routes join together there. You have to follow a small footpath to reach the mountain. Because of the steep slope, the later part of the hike is much more difficult. The elevation of the highest point is 1140 m. You can observe a scenic view from the top of the mountain, where you can identify most of the Kagalle and Kandy districts. It is a superb place for adventurous hikers.  So, don’t miss this place if you are seeking best hiking places in Kandy or Sri Lanka. 

Yahangala & Kehelpathdoruwa

Both Yahangala and Kehelpathdoruwa are the two neighboring mountains on the south-eastern side of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Those two peaks are now really popular among local hikers and trekkers. Yahangala (1220 m) is a popular place where it combines with the epic tale of Ravana. The mountain is very hard to climb and needs a proper guide to reach its top. Kehelpathdoruwa (1485 m) is not much harder to climb, and you can trek long distances to reach its top.

To get to those two mountains, you must travel about 60 kilometers to the eastern side of the Kandy district. Therefore, you should first come to Udadumbara, a small town, and then travel to Kalugala, a small village. From there, the trail will start, and it takes around 12 hours to complete the whole journey.


Dothalugala is another beautiful mountain in the Knuckles Mountain range. To reach there, you should enter Knuckles Range through Hunnagiriya. The distance from Kandy is 50 kilometers. The trail will start from Deanston Village, and you will need to trek around 3 km to reach its top from there. It’s not much harder to climb, and there is a well-maintained footpath available for visitors. The place is not very popular among most travelers. Rather, describe it as a hiking destination; a nature trail is an excellent way to introduce the area.

Dothalugala is a biodiversity hotspot. Here you can identify rare flora and fauna. It is one of the two places where you can go camping in the Knuckles Mountain range. Dothalu Ella is a nice little waterfall that you will meet during your trek. So, finally, we can recommend that Dothalugala is one of the finest hiking places in Kandy district.

Final Words

Here are the six best hiking places in Kandy and its surroundings. If you are a foreigner, then you should have a local guide with you to visit these places. Apart from these six places, there are a few rare hiking spots also available around Kandy. We haven’t included them because they are best suited for experienced hikers. If this post would satisfy your requirements, then we request that you share this article with your friends on social media.

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