Hummanaya Blowhole is a natural wonder of Sri Lanka, situated in the Dickwella area of the Southern Province. The Blowhole is the second-largest in the world and the largest in the country. It is also a nice place to visit in the Matara area of Sri Lanka.

Hummanaya Blowhole is situated in Kudawella Village, which is 28 km from Matara, 12 km from Tangalle, and 5 km from Dickwella. After you reach the Kudawella village on the A2 road, you need to walk around a kilometer to reach the place. It is actually situated on a small hill.

The “Hoo” noise of the blowhole can be heard from a great distance before you reach the place. That noise has caused this natural wonder to give the name “Hummanaya” to this blowhole. You need to buy a ticket to enter its viewing area. From there, you can see how the seawater rushed into the air through a submerged cave. This happens because the sea water flows through two giant rocks under high pressure. Depending on the nature of the sea, the water sprays at different distances. On some days of the year, the water sprays around 25–30 meters high and then splashes around the area.

The seawater shoots happen every two minutes, and it is a pleasant experience for anyone. The viewpoint also makes for scenic pictures of the Indian Ocean. The months of April to September are considered the best months to visit Hummanaya Blowhole. But it is open around the year from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. If you are a tourist who is exploring, Tangalle, Mirissa, or Weligama areas, then we suggest you not miss this place during your Sri Lanka tour.




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Goyambokka Beach is another beautiful shoreline in the Tangalla area of the Southern Province, Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Matara district and is situated 34 km away from Matara city. The distance from Colombo to the beach is 205km. Anyhow, it is 3 km away from Tangalle city.

Goyambokka Beach is not a popular beach among most Sri Lankans and foreign travelers, apart from the locals nearby. You can easily get here after a 5-minute tuk-tuk ride. The beach will surely attract you with its moderate waves and white sands. It is considered that Goyambokka beach is a superb spot for swimming and surfing. As well as that, you can do other water activities, including diving.

The beach and surrounding sea are rich in marine wildlife like other places in Sri Lanka. Therefore, visitors can dive deep to explore them. Sea turtles are common, as you can see here. Some tourists love to explore how turtles lay their eggs in the mid-night.

There are many restaurants and guest houses nearby. Therefore, you have enough facilities on or near the beach. It is a place with fewer crowds most of the time. The palm tree line has given a beautiful view of the beach further.

Goyambokka Beach is a fantastic spot if you are visiting Tangalle Beach or the surrounding areas. If you are a passionate traveler who is exploring hidden treasuries in Sri Lanka, then you should add this beautiful beach to your list.

Tangalle beach is a beautiful place with white sand, coconut groves, and turquoise water. The area is widely popular among foreign tourists. It is an awesome shoreline for those who love quiet and peaceful vacations.

Tangalle is a coastal city which is situated in the Hambanthota District of Sri Lanka. It was a fishing village in the past. The area became a paradise for beach lovers with the development of tourism in Sri Lanka. There are many beaches in the area, and Tangalle Beach is one of them.

How to reach

The distance to Tangalle from Colombo is 205km. It takes around 4 hours to get there. If you are starting from Matara or Hambanthota, then the distance is 45km. This takes around 1.5 hours to arrive. The location can be easily found with Google maps or you can take support from locals. It is 1km away from the Tangalla Bus Stand.

climate and weather.

The South-East area of Sri Lanka is one of the driest places in the country. The average rainfall is between 1000 and 1500 mm. There is much rainfall from October to April. The average annual temperature is around 28’C. Wind speed is a bit high from May to September. The ideal time to visit Tangalle Beach is considered to be the November to April period.

More Facts About the Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach is a superb place for relaxing. It is away from the busy cities. The white sand has spread over kilometers. That has made you perfect for a morning run along the shoreline. There you see a small bay with a sheltering reef. That has reduced the speed of the waves.

This is not an ideal place for swimming. But the rough waves are perfect for surfing. If you are a lucky person, then you will meet various kinds of sea turtles. The picture of the sunset is magnificent, and that will definitely amaze you.

Tangalla Beach is not very crowded. It has attracted many budget travelers and those who love a quiet environment. Evenings are always busier than the mornings. There are many restaurants, cafes, hotels, and villas out there for visitors. Parking facilities are also available near the beach.

Other Places to Visit in the Tangalla Area

  • Hummanaya Blowhole
  • Mulkirigala Rock Temple.
  • Turtle Watching in Rekawa
  • Bundala National Park
  • Yala National Park.
  • Goyambokka Beach
  • Hiriketiya Beach

So, we recommend Tangalle Beach for those who seek beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. This is a superb spot to relax your mind.

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